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Matisse & Picasso

13 Dec 2019 – 13 Apr 2020

Matisse & Picasso is the story of the lifelong exchange between two of Europe’s greatest twentieth-century artists. Featuring more than 60 paintings and sculptures, as well as drawings, prints and costumes, this is a story of friendship—and rivalry.

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Hugh Ramsay

30 Nov 2019 – 29 Mar 2020

This retrospective, the first in more than 25 years, celebrates the legacy of Australian artist Hugh Ramsay (1877–1906), whose portrait paintings achieved success here in Australia and in France before his untimely death at 28.

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Art Deco

on now

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In the 1920s, Australian artists rebelled against the austerity of World War I to create images of an abundant nation filled with strong, youthful figures, capturing the vitalism of a nation reborn.

Art Nouveau

on now

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Inspired by the inexhaustible forms of the natural world, often incorporating motifs derived from flora and fauna, the Art nouveau style is richly decorative, typified by graceful organic forms and curvilinear and undulating lines. This exhibition features eight Tiffany lamps, seven of which have been generously lent to the NGA.

Yayoi Kusama
Infinity Room

on now

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This installation by Yayoi Kusama comprises a vibrant yellow room overrun with black polka dots of various sizes. A mirrored box at its centre houses several dozen illuminated pumpkin sculptures, which are endlessly reflected in the room’s internal mirrors. The combination of dots, pumpkins and mirrors creates an optical illusion of infinite space and colour.

Bodies of Art:
Human form from the national collection

on now

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Two bold new sculpture galleries traverse genre, gender and time through investigations of the human form with a huge array of extraordinary works of art including Jeff Koons’ Balloon Venus Dolni Vestonice, Peruvian figures from 900 AD and Francis Bacon’s Triptych.

Learning Gallery
Body Language

until mid-February 2020

open | free

Body Language reveals the central role language plays in expressing cultural identity. Featuring work by almost 30 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, this exhibition shows how Indigenous art—particularly body art—can be interpreted as a visual language through its use of symbols.

Lichtenstein to Warhol:
The Kenneth Tyler Collection

until 9 March 2020

open | free

This exhibition of prints pays tribute to the collaborations between master printer Kenneth Tyler and some of the twentieth century’s most prominent artists, including Anni Albers, Jasper Johns, Roy Lichtenstein, Joan Mitchell and Andy Warhol.