These guidelines have been prepared by the National Gallery of Australia (NGA) for members of the public who are considering making a complaint.

Making a complaint or an allegation is a serious matter, and all parties involved may feel anxious about the process and outcome.  NGA staff will strive to ensure all parties fully understand what is involved so that informed decisions can be made along the way.

A complaint, or just feedback?

The NGA values feedback and is working constantly to improve its services.  The Service Charter outlines the services that we provide, what you can expect from us, and how you can assist us with improvements.  The Service Charter is available here Service Charter and enables you to give us feedback on our services.

Who can make a complaint?

Anyone who is not satisfied with the services with which they are provided may lodge a complaint.  If a complainant cannot personally lodge a complaint, they may authorise a third party to do so on their behalf.


Complainants who wish to remain anonymous may lodge their complaints anonymously.  If the complaint is investigated, we will endeavour to preserve their anonymity.  However, it may be difficult for the NGA to either fully assess the merit of the complaint, or adequately investigate it, without being able to clarify issues with the anonymous complainant.


The information you provide in completing the complaint form below may be used in conducting an investigation into your complaint.

We guarantee to maintain your confidentiality and privacy as far as possible while investigating your complaint.  We will ensure that only those who need to know are given details of you or your complaint.  If you demand absolute confidentiality, we will discuss with you the problems which that may present in resolving your complaint.

Special Needs

Complainants with special needs should make them known to the feedback coordinator who will assist or make special arrangements where possible. See below for contact details.

Commonwealth Ombudsman

The Commonwealth Ombudsman is able to investigate complaints about administrative matters, and can usually do so without disclosing the identity of complainants.  Complainants who are concerned to maintain their anonymity should consider contacting the Ombudsman’s office .

Translation needs?

If English is not your preferred language, please phone +61 2 6240 6615.

Complaint channels

There are two channels for persons to register complaints concerning the Gallery:

  • through the service charter, which enables visitors to the Gallery (or to the Gallery’s website) to provide feedback about services
  • through complaints handling procedures below that provide the means for members of the public and Gallery employees to lodge complaints about any aspect of the Gallery’s operations.

Complaint types

Informal Complaints

Anyone who is not satisfied with the service they received should tell the staff member concerned, or their supervisor, to try to resolve the problem.

Formal Complaints

If this does not resolve the complaint, or if it is not possible to identify the original staff member or their supervisor, then a formal complaint (or feedback through the Service Charter) should be considered.

Formal complaints may be submitted by telephone, personally, or in writing or via electronic means.  A printable complaint form that sets out required information is provided as part of these Guidelines.

Whatever method is chosen to notify the complaint, the complainant should be careful to ensure that all relevant details are provided so the complaint can be dealt with expeditiously.

The complaint must include:

  • complainant’s name, address and contact details (unless anonymity is being sought);
  • an explanation of the complaint, describing what happened, how it happened and who was involved;
  • any letters or memos which may be relevant to the complaint;
  • a suggested outcome being sought by the complainant; and
  • if the complaint is being lodged on behalf of another person, that person’s name and their relationship to the complainant (unless anonymity is being sought).


The Feedback Coordinator
Visitor Experience Manager
National Gallery of Australia
GPO Box 1150

If the complaint is about the Feedback Coordinator, the complaint should be forwarded to the Assistant Director, Engagement and Development at the same postal address above.