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Key staff


Director: Nick Mitzevich

Executive Manager, Office of the Director : Helen Gee ([email protected])
Executive Director Foundation : Maryanne Voyazis
Head of Governance and Strategic Planning : Gerry Bobsien

Corporate Services

Chief Operating Officer: Nick Meatheringham

Head of Facilities Management : Mark Mandy
Chief Information Officer : Trish Leahey
Head of People Support and Development : Stephen Grieve
Head of Capital Works Program : Nick Xirakis

Curatorial and Programs

Assistant Director: Natasha Bullock

Head of Australian Art and Senior Curator of Australian Painting and Sculpture : Dr Deborah Hart
Head of International Art and Senior Curator Contemporary Art Practice—Global : Jaklyn Babington
Senior Curator of International Prints, Drawings and Illustrated Books : Dr Jane Kinsman
Senior Curator Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art : Franchesca Cubillo
Senior Curator Asian Art : Carol Cains
Senior Curator Australian and International Photography : Dr Shaune Lakin
Senior Curator Australian Prints, Drawings and Illustrated Books : Roger Butler
Senior Curator International Painting and Sculpture : Dr Lucina Ward
Curator Pacific Art : Crispin Howarth

Asian Art email
Australian Art email
Indigenous Australian Art email
International Art email
Pacific Arts email

Head of Programs, Education, Research Library and Archive: Katie Russell

Engagement + Development

Assistant Director : Susie Barr

Head of Partnerships : Samantha Jones
Head of Marketing and Communications : Kanesan Nathan
Digital Engagement : Andrew Powrie
Manager of Visitor Experience : Rose Cahill

Exhibitions + Collections Services

Assistant Director : Adam Worrall

Head of Conservation : Debbie Ward
Paintings Conservation : David Wise
Objects Conservation : Beata Tworek-Matuszkiewicz
Textiles Conservation : Micheline Ford
Paper Conservation : Andrea Wise
Preventive Conservation : Lisa Addison
Head of Exhibitions : Dominique Nagy
Head of Exhibition Design : Daryl West-Moore
Manager of Travelling Exhibitions : Mary-Lou Nugent
Head of Registration : Natalie Beattie

Finance + Commercial Operations

Chief Finance Officer : Kym Partington

Head of Commercial Operations : Elizabeth Malone
Head of Financial Operations : Liz Wicks
Head of Financial Planning and Analysis : Nick Hetherington

Know My Name Project

Assistant Director : Alison Wright

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